Inspections & Maintenance

Testimonials icon imagePlay Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Service
Playspaces are able to offer a regular comprehensive RPII inspection of your existing play area to ensure all equipment conforms to British Safety Standards – BS1176 & BS1177. We offer a complete safety inspection and repair service.

Child safety is of paramount importance within any play area setting and routine maintenance of all outdoor equipment is a critical part of the health and safety process.

Our RPII registered safety inspector will carry out a full inspection of all play area equipment, fencing, gates and surfacing. Upon completion of the inspection our inspector will provide you with a copy of his/her report with guidance on the continued conformity or non-conformity of the units to BS EN 1176/1177.

After the appointment you will receive a thorough report including images of all units inspected within 14 days. Please do let us know on receipt of the initial and detailed reports if you would like us to provide a quotation to carry out any of the recommended repairs.

Routine Maintenance
Should a member of your setting’s staff notice an issue with a piece of your outdoor play equipment please make contact with us at your earliest convenience.

If you have any concerns over the continued safety of the equipment, please ensure children cannot continue to use the equipment.

We will endeavour to carry out a site visit as soon as possible. If possible we will make repairs to the equipment at the initial site visit, however on some occasions we may have to order a replacement fixing or item. Should this be the case the equipment should remain closed to use until repairs have been carried out. Please rest assured we will work with you to ensure the item is ready to be used.