Cavatina Xylophone

The Cavatina is a new addition to our range of outdoor metallaphones. In music, a Cavatina is an italian term meaning a melody performed by a soloist distinguished by its simplicity, songlike melody, and modest scale.

Set over black resonators, the Cavatina is tuned to the C-Major diatonic scale covering two octaves.

Strong, weather-proof and durable, the notes are arranged as a traditional xylophone or glockenspiel with low to high notes going from left to right. The notes or keys are available in aluminium or GRP, each of which gives its own distinct sound when played. Also available with rainbow coloured anodised aluminium notes (at a small additional cost) which is perfect for those learning music with a rainbow colour coded scale.

There are no wires or strings as the notes are individually and securely attached to the resonators for maximum vibration with incredible tones and resonance.

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