The Lodge

A versatile open barn style shelter that can be designed to your setting’s specific requirements.  Perfect as an outdoor teaching area, social & seating or parent waiting shelter, the Lodge makes a beautiful addition to any setting and is also popular with our visitor attraction customers.

The Lodge can be constructed to achieve any required length, however our most typical sizes are 6.3, 7.4m, 10.5m and 12.5m.  A variety of widths are also available: 2.5m , 4.2m , 5.2m up to a massive 7.3m.

There are also a variety of roof covering options such as polycarbonate, cedar shingles, shiplap or feather edge over a waterproof membrane.  Or make the most of natural light by requesting a triple wall polycarbonate roof covering with various options for light transmission:

  • Bronze (37%) light transmission percentage
  • Opal (52%) light transmission percentage
  • Clear (73%) light transmission percentage

We also offer a variety of flooring, seating and panelling options to choose from.



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