HMS Kent – Themed Play Area Ship

Let their imagination run wild with our large, themed play area ship, incorporating a variety of activity and access/exit points.  Ideal for a variety of age groups from EYFS to KS2, an excellent addition to a variety of school, parish and public play area settings.

Ship Bow

Two Tier Platform with Access Steps to top platform incorporating:
Balustrade Sides
4 no. Port Hole Effect Windows
Ship Steering Wheel
Mast to Front
Anti-Slip Grooved Deckboards
Climb Wall to Left Side of Bow

Ship Stern

Large Main Platform incorporating: (Approx 2.4m x 3.5m)
Step Access with Balustrade Sides
Ability Slide – 1.5m (H) (Standard Rotomould Slide Option Available).
Scramble Net – 1.5m (H)
Ladder Access (1.5m)
Climb Wall – 1.5m
3 no. Port Hole Effect Windows
Balustrade Sides to Main Platform
Den Access Below
Ship Mast with  Flag


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