Sensory and Nature

Our range of sensory playground equipment will help you to develop your own sensory and nature areas, no matter what the size or layout. Effective use of space and our bespoke design skills ensure we can tailor a perfect solution for you. To create a complete sensory play area include items that stimulate all the senses: sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste.

Here are just a few examples:

Sight: Raised planters with trellis to the rear to grow a variety of colourful plants and climbers. Evergreen trees will create an impact all year round.

Touch: Sandpits and planters with plants, timber, pebbles, stones and glass provide a variety of different surfaces to stimulate the sense of touch.

Smell: Flowers, shrubs and highly scented herbs in raised timber planters for ease of growing and maintenance are perfect for the sense of smell.

Hearing: Water features are a popular choice, as is our range of outdoor musical instruments such as chimes and xylophones.

Taste: Growing your own delicious fruit and vegetables provides a wonderful bounty to taste.